Castor Wheels Manufacturers, India

Castor Wheels Manufacturers in India

AEC is one of the leaders in Castor Wheels Manufacturers in India. We offer quality castor wheels for automotive industry, which are customized as per the clients needs. Our ranges are 38 mm to 75 mm for Plate Mounted Caster Wheel, Pin Mounting Caster Wheel, PU Roller Wheel and Caster Wheel etc. and are designed to sustain rough environment.

The focus for this industry is minimum effort to push-pull trolleys in order to reduce man-hours and increase efficiency for carrying very heavy loads.

At the same time the castors should be maintenance free and non-marking on epoxy flooring. We have taken care of all these aspects for this highly innovative industry.

Castor Wheels Manufacturers in India
Castor Wheels Manufacturers in India

We Manufacture Best Quality Castor Wheels

All are designed casters wheel in-house utilizing the best available resources and workmanship. Apart from this, these products are known for their sturdy design, crack resistance, lightweight, easy usability, and durability.

Moreover, we are offering all the casters wheel at highly effective prices.